What are the search trends shaping the future?

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Customers’ expectations for a precise and robust search have increased, as site searches need greater precision than a web search engine.

You need to find out the search trends that are currently on the spot and quickly adapt to them.That will help you to stand out from the crowd.

In our e-book you will learn more about:

The evolution of search from the very beginning
The initial search engine was essentially an FTP where users could make simple requests for searching files, which they had to download to determine whether it was truly what they were looking for.

The traditional search engine perspective
An overwhelming majority of algorithms in information retrieval, from the verbosely-named Tf-idf to Google’s core algorithm PageRank are based on textual data.

Site search for the future
Aside from the text-based search - today speech and visual searches (like image and video search) are making trends in the search industry, thus opening many new possibilities for vendors.

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