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The world consists of so much more than text. Omnisearch helps you find what you're looking for inside every type of content under the Sun.

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Search literally anything, regardless of the file type.

Omnisearch makes it easy to ingest and search your files regardless of their type. From PDFs and Word docs to audio, video, images, presentations, and more, Omnisearch supports them all, making it the most complete and versatile search software today.

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AI-powered search technology

Omnisearch uses state-of-the-art machine learning technology to extract content from anything: audio/video, documents, images and more. With our tool you can also transcribe your video recording into subtitles in a matter of seconds!

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Seamless learning experience

Stand out from the crowd, improve user satisfaction and increase your revenue from your online courses. Make your course content fully searchable and allow learners to find exactly what they’re looking for, whenever they need!

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The numbers that say it all

We’ve processed thousands of files for tens of satisfied customers


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The Thinkific integration you’ve been looking for

The process of installing the Omnisearch app is seamless. Create an account, connect your Thinkific site, and add a short code snippet to it. Voila! All your course materials will get ingested into Omnisearch.


What customers say

Stand out from the crowd with the best user experience on your online courses.

Omnisearch is an incredibly powerful search engine that's ridiculously easy to install and get started using. The team was responsive and really helpful if I needed to ask any questions.

Aaron Morin, Lead Product Educator, Thinkific

We've created a ton of content inside our Thinkific education center and needed a way to allow our business coaching clients to search the database and quickly find what they needed. By working with Omnisearch we've improved our client experience exponentially and appreciate how easy it was to get started.

Leisa Peterson, Business Strategist, Money Coach, Author, Podcaster

Omnisearch is working out well for our students. It's really a game-changer that keywords can be searched inside video. Our courses are in-depth and tests require recall of specific details, so the search inside video content is really helpful. The setup was super easy and the folks at Omnisearch were available for a call right away to answer my questions. Great job on this app!

Mele Ainuu, Senior Technical Analyst, Technitrader Stock Market Education

Omnisearch has greatly improved our customers' search experience on our site launched using Thinkific. It has offered our users a slick faceted and full video transcript search functionality. The app was a super quick and convenient install too. The Omnisearch team was brilliant during the onboarding process. They have been open to many of our suggestions of product improvement too. We see them as our preferred search partner for our Thinkific sites.

Martin Peters, Chief Technology Officer, OmniPro Management Solutions Ltd.

We use Omnisearch with Thinkific to allow our students to quickly navigate around the courses. This is particularly useful for our long and detailed postgraduate courses which allows students to search for keywords and references, even within videos. We are very grateful to Marin for helping us sort out some initial difficulties with the implementation and coming back to us with a fully working version, customised to our requirements. I would definitely recommend Omnisearch.

Suzanne Leyland, Business Operations Manager, Sensory Integration Education

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How it works?

Implemet Omnisearch with Thinkific in a matter of minutes

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Make your search magical

With our team excited to support you along the way, implementing Omnisearch has never been easier. Schedule the demo today and see our platform in action!