Setting up Omnisearch for Thinkific

This short tutorial covers the process of setting up the Omnisearch Thinkific app. The app enables your students to search all your materials, including audio, video, PDF’s, presentations and plain text or HTML. Apart from the text, you can also consult the video walkthrough here:

How does Omnisearch work?

Omnisearch continuously processes all your course materials, extracts the contents, and makes them searchable. This means it performs speech-to-text for audio and video files, extracts contents from PDF’s and presentations, and more. It then enables your students to find terms or phrases in the contents of these files (such as moments in videos where they occur).

How will it affect my site?

The Omnisearch app will, upon installation, replace the default search bar in your courses with the more powerful Omnisearch search bar, and will handle all the search queries through Omnisearch.

      How to install Omnisearch

      • Register for an account at (including a 14-day free trial).
      • Log into Omnisearch and check the "Thinkific" tab.
      • Click "Install" and connect your Thinkific site by copy-pasting your site's URL into the form.
      • Wait a couple of minutes for the course materials to be ingested and processed by Omnisearch (if there are any audio or video materials, speech-to-text needs be performed).
      • Add the code snippet displayed after installation into your site footer. This will replace the standard search bar with the Omnisearch search bar, and the search queries will go through Omnisearch.

      Trying it out

      Try viewing your course (“All course lessons“ or “Course as enrolled student“) and try out a couple of searches. You should be able to find matching audio and video materials, documents, and more.

      Uninstalling Omnisearch

      You can easily uninstall the app from the Thinkific side. In the “Apps“ section of your site, just find Omnisearch and click the uninstall button. And remove the custom code snippet from your site footer. In case you still have an Omnisearch subscription, don’t forget to cancel that as well via the Omnisearch dashboard.

      Free trial and upgrading

      Keep in mind that the free trial has a limited quota, and lasts only a week. In order to process all your materials, please upgrade to the paid tier, again through the Omnisearch dashboard.

      And that’s it! We hope you enjoy using Omnisearch and derive a lot of value from it. For any questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to write us at .

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