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Omnisearch’s revolutionary search technology is built from the ground up to work with a variety of content types. It can index and find information inside your content without having to input any metadata.

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State-of-the-art machine learning algorithms for content extraction allows users to benefit from fast and relevant search results in milliseconds. Allow your users to enjoy your content, quickly find the information they need, and have a stress-free way to view your media. Our handcrafted search engine outperforms industry incumbents by over 10 times.

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What customers say

A magic search engine built specifically to help people enjoy content more. Omnisearch is an incredibly powerful search engine that's ridiculously easy to install and get started using.

The team was responsive and really helpful if I needed to ask any questions.

Aaron Morin, Lead Product Educator,

We've created a ton of content inside our Thinkific education center and needed a way to allow our business coaching clients to search the database and quickly find what they needed. By working with Omnisearch we've improved our client experience exponentially and appreciate how easy it was to get started.

Leisa Peterson, Business Strategist, Money Coach, Author, Podcaster

Omnisearch is working out well for our students. It's really a game-changer that keywords can be searched inside video. Our courses are in-depth and tests require recall of specific details, so the search inside video content is really helpful. The setup was super easy and the folks at Omnisearch were available for a call right away to answer my questions. Great job on this app!

Mele Ainuu, Senior Technical Analyst,
Technitrader Stock Market Education

Omnisearch has greatly improved our customers' search experience on our site launched using Thinkific. It has offered our users a slick faceted and full video transcript search functionality. The app was a super quick and convenient install too. The Omnisearch team was brilliant during the onboarding process. They have been open to many of our suggestions of product improvement too. We see them as our preferred search partner for our Thinkific sites.

Martin Peters, Chief Technology Officer,
OmniPro Management Solutions Ltd.

Omnisearch is a fantastic tool that helps people learn in the flow of work. Its finds and shows the exact details they are looking for when they need it.

Gerrit Cloete, Founder,
Productivity Pit Stop

The Thinkific integration you’ve been looking for

The process of installing the Omnisearch app is seamless. Create an account, connect your Thinkific site, and add a short code snippet to it. Voila! All your course materials will get ingested into Omnisearch.

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OmniPro Management Solutions Ltd. is a leading Irish company serving accountants and providing various products to meet their needs across Ireland and the United Kingdom. One of their products, CPDStore is an online education site where accountants can meet their CPD (Continued Professional Development) requirements by attending their webinars/virtual conferences or viewing our video-on-demand courses.

Productivity Pit Stop

Since 2003, Productivity Pit Stop has been dedicated to enhancing companies' productivity, collaborating with over 320 companies that exclusively use Microsoft 365 or Office 2010 and later versions. Their commitment involves co-creating custom private programs to address each client's unique needs precisely.


Thinkific, based in Vancouver, Canada, empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to scale and generate revenue by facilitating the creation, marketing, and sale of online courses under their own brand. With a growing team and a commitment to innovation, Thinkific stands at the forefront of online learning solutions.

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