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Your students will love being able to search all of your content to find what they’re looking for and precisely where it is mentioned.

April 2021

Omnisearch is founded

We started Omnisearch with a bold vision in mind: to do for companies' content what Google did for the open web.

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June 2021

Thinkific partners

We were among the first startups that participated in the Thinkific's Partner Program, as part of which we developed a cutting-edge search app for their platform.

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June 2021

FoundersBoost pre-accelerator

The Omnisearch team completed the FoundersBoost 2021 pre-accelerator program, as part of the Vancouver cohort.

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August 2021

Pre-seed investment

In August 2021 we finalized our $450,000 pre-seed round from GoAhead Ventures, with Managing Partner TK Mori joining as a Board Observer.

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October 2021

Closed first enterprise deal

We finalized our first enterprise deal, further establishing ourselves as a serious new entrant in the search space.

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December 2021

Selected as Rising Stars by Thinkific

We were selected as Rising Stars by the Thinkific team, recognizing our continued focus on delivering great technology to the education sector.

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Our Vision

We believe that information should be easily retrieved especially given the amount and variety of data that exist today. We started Omnisearch with a bold vision in mind: to do for companies’ content what Google did for the open web. We wanted to make it seamless for users to search through all data regardless of file type: audio and video, documents, presentations, images, you name it!

Marin Smiljanic

Marin Smiljanic

Co-founder and CEO

Marin is a software engineer and entrepreneur based in Vancouver, BC. He was previously a software engineer at Amazon, where he helped scale S3, the largest object storage system in the world, and Alexa, where he was instrumental in delivering email integration. Before that he was an engineer at MemSQL, a Y Combinator alum startup.

Always dreaming of the startup world, he then left to found QuickNews, a machine learning-powered news aggregator, and is now committed to making Omnisearch a leader in the search space.

Matej Ferencevic

Matej Ferencevic

Co-founder and CTO

Matej is a software engineer based in Zagreb, Croatia, with a skillset ranging from hardware and electronics all the way to web development (and everything in between). He was previously an early engineer at Memgraph, a Techstars alum startup.

He is also known for his involvement in competitive programming, and he served as the chair of the Technical committee for the Central European qualifiers for the ACM ICPC World Finals during the three years they were held in Zagreb.

Takeshi Mori

Takeshi Mori

Board Observer

TK is a Managing Partner at GoAhead Ventures. He has three IPOs and 5 M&A exits from previous investments and has over twenty five years of investment, engineering, entrepreneurship, and U.S.-Japan operations experience. Prior to GoAhead, TK was co-founder and managing director of ZenShin Capital and has an MSc from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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