Thinkific, based in Vancouver, Canada, empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to scale and generate revenue by facilitating the creation, marketing, and sale of online courses under their own brand. With a growing team and a commitment to innovation, Thinkific stands at the forefront of online learning solutions.

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"A magic search engine built specifically to help people enjoy content more."

Aaron Morin, Lead Product Educator, Thinkific

As Thinkific underwent significant growth, they identified a need to establish a customer-facing training site for efficient onboarding and education. With the volume of content in the knowlege base, course creators encountered challenges in locating specific content, and the Thinkific team started looking for a search provider to make the experience seamless. They chose Omnisearch, recognizing its potential to take the search experience to the next level. The training site, hosted on Thinkific, encompasses various content types, including text, video, and multimedia, covering topics from crafting engaging online course content to effective course promotion.

The key factors in the search experience Omnisearch provides them are:

  1. Efficient content exploration: Our platform stands out in efficiently exploring non-textual content and providing seamless searches for videos, images, and slides. It also has a simple UI for navigating straight to the piece of content in question, including to specific moments in videos.
  2. Automatic content ingestion: One of the best parts of using Omnisearch is that it automatically ingests and indexes all the new content the Thinkific team adds. As soon as they enable it, they stop worrying about keeping the search indexes up to date.
  3. Faceted search: Omnisearch also provides seamless support for specifying search filters and exposing them to the end user. This is extremely important due to the volume of content.

The long-term impact of incorporating Omnisearch into Thinkific's platform is evident in the overall experience of Thinkific Academy students. A seamless and efficient search experience encourages users to return for more training and prompts them to refer the platform to others. This positive cycle contributes to sustained success for Thinkific and its users.

Thinkific's strategic alliance with Omnisearch has effectively tackled immediate challenges in content discovery, laying the foundation for long-term success. The seamless integration of Omnisearch's advanced search features has elevated the overall learning experience, fostering a community of satisfied and engaged course creators. As the platform continues to thrive, the enduring positive impact of Omnisearch on user satisfaction and retention underscores the value of innovative technological solutions in the online learning landscape.

Key features

  • Help students find anything they need inside course videos, documents, presentations and more

  • Enable students to search across multiple courses on the collections and enrollments pages

  • Set up Omnisearch once and have all the new courses and lessons you add processed automatically

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