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Client since:
November 2021
Duration of integration:
EdTech, accounting

OmniPro Management Solutions Ltd. is a leading Irish company serving accountants and providing various products to meet their needs across Ireland and the United Kingdom. One of their products, CPDStore is an online education site where accountants can meet their CPD (Continued Professional Development) requirements by attending their webinars/virtual conferences or viewing our video-on-demand courses.

"Our members can now search across our entire course catalog with one single action. This is super-efficient and our users love it!"

Martin Peters, Chief Technology Officer, OmniPro Management Solutions Ltd

Why does OmniPro need an Omniseаrch integration?

Omnisearch helps power OmniPro’s CPDStore UK site, which provides Continued Professional Development courses and webinars specifically for the UK market. The site contains close to a hundred different video courses taught by subject matter experts, in categories such as company law, tax, financial reporting, audit and more. Students have the option of enrolling in individual courses, as well as subscribing to the “CPD Club” where they get access to all the courses automatically. The site is built on top of the Thinkific online education platform.

With such a large amount of materials, finding information was difficult and time consuming for students. And with a hundred courses available the problem was far more acute than for smaller online schools. To truly make CPDStore navigable, it wasn’t sufficient to enable search within a course, but to be able to search across all the available courses. The OmniPro team recognized search as a key problem for the site and found Omnisearch as a potential solution.


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