OmniPro Management Solutions Ltd. is a leading Irish company serving accountants and providing various products to meet their needs across Ireland and the United Kingdom. One of their products, CPDStore is an online education site where accountants can meet their CPD (Continued Professional Development) requirements by attending their webinars/virtual conferences or viewing our video-on-demand courses.

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"Our members can now search across our entire course catalog with one single action. This is super-efficient and our users love it!"

Martin Peters, Chief Technology Officer, OmniPro Management Solutions Ltd

Serving as a crucial resource for accountants, CPDStore hosts nearly a hundred video courses across various categories, such as company law, tax, financial reporting, and audit. The platform, powered by Omnisearch, operates on the Thinkific online education platform and plays a vital role in providing tailored and comprehensive educational solutions. Despite the wealth of educational materials, CPDStore encountered challenges as students struggled to efficiently locate specific content within the extensive course catalogue. The need for a seamless and effective search experience became paramount, particularly with a growing volume of content.

Recognizing the significance of addressing search challenges, OmniPro strategically selected Omnisearch as the solution. Omnisearch offered a unique combination of basic and advanced features that promised to elevate the search functionality for its users.

The key factors in the search experience Omnisearch provides are:

  1. Amplifying Search Relevance: With pinpoint accuracy on accountancy subjects and courses, integrating Omnisearch's search relevance led to more productive learning and engagement.
  2. Adopting Enhanced Content Discovery: By improving site navigation with Omnisearch, the platform helped accountants discover pertinent educational content corresponding to their professional prerequisites.
  3. Prioritizing Video Over Text Advantage: The platform emphasized video content's superiority over text, making learning more comprehensive and engaging for accountants.

The integration of Omnisearch has significantly enhanced the user experience on CPDStore. With efficient content exploration, automatic content ingestion, and advanced faceted search, users can seamlessly navigate and discover relevant materials. These advanced features ensure a streamlined and efficient learning journey, fostering satisfaction, user retention, and sustained engagement.

OmniPro's strategic choice of integrating Omnisearch has effectively addressed immediate challenges in content discovery, setting the stage for continued success in the online education landscape. The seamless incorporation of advanced search features has not only elevated the overall learning experience for CPDStore users but has also positioned Omnisearch as a valuable asset in the innovative technological solutions shaping the future of professional development.

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