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How Omnisearch Can Help Media Companies


June 22, 2023


Use cases

Omnisearch provides closed captioning services, especially for broadcasting media companies like CNN and BBC as well as old school media companies. Implementing automated captions helps people consume media content effectively. Closed captions are not only considered as an aid for people who are hard of hearing. It accommodates a wide range of audiences, from non-English speakers, people with disabilities to others with unique needs.

There are also particular situations when closed captions are vital. For instance, commuters who want to stay updated with the latest news need captions to understand the broadcast content. Whether they cannot play the video out loud or watch from afar, close captions can be a great help. It promotes accessibility and usability wherever the audience may be.

Providing captions in broadcast media ensures that emergency alerts and relevant news gets relayed accordingly. On top of that, broadcast captioning increases audience engagement and viewership. Closed captions cater to everyone, especially during important news, events, and sports coverage. When you provide your viewers access to this kind of feature, they are likely to prefer your content.

Here is more to the benefits of Omnisearch for broadcast media companies:

Locate and Search Materials Seamlessly

Having your video and audio content transcribed allows you to store these transcriptions in our database. You can then utilize this database to easily navigate and search your entire media library allowing you to retrieve any files you need with ease. You don’t need to spend hours going through your archives anymore just to find a single file.

With Omnisearch, you can utilize our advanced search functionality to find the exact file you need or navigate the database using filters such as topics, dates, and many more. Additionally, when you search for specific files, Omnisearch automatically tells you the relevance of files to your search terms. This makes it quick and easy to navigate through your search results to find exactly what you need. To top it all off, you get access to these advanced features directly out of the box.

Promoting Accessibility

A significant benefit of using Omnisearch is to promote accessibility that caters to a diverse audience. In the US alone, most residents speak little to no English at all. Media companies can resolve this issue by utilizing an all-in-one app that automates captions and provides direct translation services. Additionally, it is also perfect for viewers who experience difficulty hearing or have spatial limitations at hand. With non-speech explanations, along with the dialogue, audiences can understand everything going on in the video.

Streamlining Your Workflow

It is common for most media companies and pioneering networks to produce enormous volumes of content every single day. This amount of coverage gives them little time to incorporate accurate captions throughout the day. If they take time to transcribe news coverage manually, they might take forever before releasing it. By the time it is released, it might not even be as relevant anymore. Additionally, a news station cannot delay live broadcasts just to accommodate closed captioning.

Legal Compliance to the FCC

Broadcast networks and media companies should be able to comply with FCC standards. The Federal Communications Commission established criteria for effective communication across mass media outlets. These standards include a requirement to place closed captions to all TV programs, including news coverage. Moreover, FCC is strict when it comes to “caption quality.” Media companies must provide closed captioning of increased accuracy, matching the spoken words and description of particular shows.

Media companies can ensure full compliance to FCC using Omnisearch. The app provides proper captioning, timing, placeness, and completeness according to FCC guidelines. We make sure to be compliant while delivering quality work to our clients.

Repurpose Your Media Material

Besides storing your audio and video material in the archive, you cannot just leave them in the dark. You can always repurpose your old media material and turn it into new content for the company. After all, you spent your blood, sweat, and tears to produce creative and innovative material. Why not make use of it?

Instead of letting your hard work get buried beneath your newer assets, utilize the captions and your old content to repurpose the material. You can always use the relevant transcript to develop blog posts, media posts, infographics, short educational videos for social media, or your webinars. It is also helpful for coming up with new ideas for podcast topics, radio and TV show segments, and more. Nonetheless, you can retrieve your old material to create unique content with minimal effort.

In summary, broadcast media can make use of Omnisearch to streamline their workflow. Whether you are managing multiple shows, segments, or an entire network, captioning could be the least of your problems. Omnisearch provides accurate captioning for any of your content making it easy to meet FCC compliance and your particular needs. It also allows you to easily search and navigate through your files so you can find the exact files you need whenever you need them. Omnisearch offers an advanced API making it simple for you to integrate Omnisearch into your own site. It is our mission to illuminate accessibility, convenience, and usability across media programs and their viewers.

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